2019 Jan - KARE 11 Cuyuna Country Feature

Loved the recent KARE 11 Sunrise feature highlighting the many exciting winter-time activities available right now in the Cuyuna Country State Recreation Area. Included in the segment is a gorgeous, locally manufactured 1971 Scorpion Mark II snowmobile (thank you Butch Holmvig). With the iconic fiberglass tear-drop hood (designed by Eugene “Stub” Harrison, who together with Glen Gutzman and Dick Harrison founded the snowmobile company in 1959) the 1971 is very popular among vintage snowmobile collectors. Shout-out to KARE11’s Kris Laudien, Jessica Vukelich, Jenny Smith (Cycle Path and Paddle, Crosby, Minnesota), Cuyuna Lakes Mountain Bike Trails, Joel Hartman, Brenda Backberg Booth Klippenes (Crosby-Ironton Courier) and everyone else who helped put the story together - the mountain biking, snowshoeing and overall landscape was stunning, as usual. For more behind the scenes information and a nice shout-out to the soon-approaching Cuyuna Lakes Ice Fishing Contest & Scorpion Homecoming (2019), check-out the linked article and video: https://www.kare11.com/article/travel/winter-wonder/explore-the-winter-wonder-of-cuyuna-country-state-recreation-area/89-70f9b0e7-4d7b-4940-80cc-e66547505001.