2018 Sep - Feature Sled Announcement

SCORPION STINGERETTE is your 2019 Scorpion Homecoming feature sled! Sporting the industry’s first-ever snowmobile specifically designed for women, the Scorpion Stingerette featured easy-starting displacements and a hot pink color scheme affectionately labeled "Gleaming Midnight Sun Magenta." All model years (1972-1974) and engine sizes will be featured at the Homecoming, both original and restored, including both the standard Stingerette as well as the Super Stingerette. Eight trophies will be awarded for these feature sleds alone, so get yours ready and get yourself out to the 15th Annual Scorpion Homecoming, Saturday February 2, 2019 held in conjunction with the Cuyuna Lakes Chamber of Commerce Annual Fishing Contest. No where else will you see this many Stingerettes together in one place, ever. If you are a fan, you can't miss this one. Additional details to follow. (Image features original 1972 290cc). #scorpionsnowmobiles