2014 Dec 30 - Upcoming Minnesota Bound Program!

TO BE FEATURED ON MINNESOTA BOUND, SCORPION HOMECOMING 2014! - The tenth anniversary Scorpion Homecoming (conducted on Serpent Lake this past February 1, 2014) will be featured during an upcoming Minnesota Bound broadcast, premiering January 11, 2015 at 10:35 PM, KARE 11 television (Minneapolis/St. Paul). Out-state affiliates will run the broadcast in the weeks to follow. Check local listings. - And don't forget to attend Scorpion Homecoming 2015, February 7, 2015. http://www.trailasled.com/homecoming-20150207 - http://mnbound.com/ http://www.kare11.com/ - #vintagescorpion #cuyunalakes