MVSS Statement - Jan, 2014

The promotional flyer for the Waconia 2014 Ride In included the following 2013 reference from the MVSS Committee,

“Dear Snowmobile Enthusiast … Scorpion proved to be a superb choice for the Feature Snowmobile [in January, 2013]. Many thanks to the Harrison Family for encouraging us to do Scorpion again. I don’t believe you will ever see a display of more significant Scorpion snowmobiles than what was assembled on the ballroom floor. Wow, from early to late, from prototypes to one offs, from race to nearly the entire Scorpion Squadron fleet. It was an amazing display with some very special guests who made the Scorpion era so great. Thanks to all for being part of it.”

And from us at Scorpion Online, a very special thanks in return to the pros from Waconia who year-after-year  put-on the world’s very best vintage event. It was an honor for Scorpion to be honored not once, but twice, at this prestigious gathering. Thank you!