ISHOF Induction

February 28, 2004 - Grand Rapids, MN - A busy ten days of antique and vintage activities concluded with the International Snowmobile Hall of Fame's annual induction ceremony. Scorpion Trails and Dick Harrison were on hand to join in congratulating 2004 inductees Don Lumley of Ontario and Bob Persson of Sweden. Long-time Minnesota legislator Bob Lassard was also honored with the Allen Hetten Award of Merit. Organized in conjunction with the Antique Snowmobile Club of America, the event culminated a week which saw a large number of quality machines prominently displayed within the Central Square Mall. Area residents and co-founders of Grand Rapids' own ASV Inc, Gary Lemke and Edgar Hetteen were on hand for the evening with Edgar (past inductee) lightening the mood and congratulating the new inductees. As always, the event was well covered in the ASCOA's Iron Dog Tracks (Vol. 19, No. 5) member newsletter.