Homecoming 2011 Recap

A pleasant break in the weather greeted the several hundred Scorpion faithful who descended upon Crosby’s Memorial Park for this year’s festivities. Celebrating seven years running, Scorpion Homecoming 2011 featured the Super Stinger of 1974 and 1975. Area residents may remember that era, when Chuck Connors of “The Rifleman” served as company spokesperson, and over four hundred individuals worked at the Crosby-Ironton manufacturing campus. Twenty-eight of these classic Super Stingers were on proud display in a variety of original colors.

Scorpion Homecoming 2011 saw it's widest range of trophies yet, including the following award winners: Cuyuna Lakes Chamber’s Choice: Kevin Woeste, 1979 Sting; Scorpion Traveler: Smith family, Westphalia, MI (801 miles); Scorpion Custom, runner-up: Chris Moore, 1972 Stinger II, Ham Lake, MN; Scorpion Custom, first-place: Scorpion Sales & Service, 1970 Stinger, Star Prairie, WI; Trail-A-Sled Era Original, runner-up: Mark Lindberg, 1971 Super Stinger 793, Crosby, MN; Trail-A-Sled Era Original, first place: Andy Rote, 1970 Mark III, Pine City, MN; Trail-A-Sled Era Restored, runner-up: Paul Pernula, 1966 Trail-A-Sled, Brainerd, MN; Trail-A-Sled Era Restored, first place: David Rote, 1966 Trail-A-Sled, Askov, MN; Scorpion Era Original, runner-up: Doug Tremain, 1974 Stinger 290, Duluth, MN; Scorpion Era Original, first place: Scorpion Sales & Service, 1973 Super Stinger, Star Prairie, WI; Scorpion Era Restored, runner-up: Chuba Brothers, 1977 Bull Whip; Scorpion Era Restored, first place: Kevin Woeste, 1979 Stinger, St. Cloud, MN; Feature Sled, runner-up: Kevin Ahlm, 1974 Super Stinger 290, Annandale, MN; Feature Sled, runner-up: Blake Wymer, 1975 Super Stinger, New Prague, MN; Feature Sled, first place: Don Peterson, 1974 Super Stinger, Deerwood, MN.