Pequot Rendezvous - 2008

January 19, 2008 - Pequot Lakes, MN - The coldest temperatures of the year (-20 Fahrenheit) didn't keep a dedicated contingent of antique snowmobilers from attending this year's event. Of special note for Scorpion fans was the fascinating keynote address by former Scorpion Squadron member David "Mouse" Karpik of BLADE Motorsports Group, Inc.. Trail-A-Sled, Inc./Scorpion, Inc. co-founder Dick Harrison's was also on hand with a few excellent machines (Dick's zero-mileage 1972 Stingerette won People's Choice). Industry patriarch Edgar Hetteen and his son and daughter-in-law Ronn and Nila attended with their fascinating historical videos. Also present was Cliff Kittelson, former Trail-A-Sled foreman and racer who once held the world's distance jumping record on a Trail-A-Sled and Don Peterson who raced the Duluth Indoor for Scorpion. The Pequot Lakes Echo was present as was the American Snowmobiler television show which covered most of the event. Look for an October, 2008 airing on FSN North.