… where it’s not about the sleds, it’s about the people.

Download the official event poster in PDF format by clicking here (326 KB).

Join hundreds of Scorpion fans for the Cuyuna Lakes Chamber of Commerce's forth annual Scorpion Homecoming!

The Homecoming has become an annual ritual for Scorpion collectors and with a very popular feature sled, 2008 promises to be bigger and better than ever. Make plans to attend now.

The agenda and tone of the event is expected to be similar to prior years. For a recap of prior events, browse the Scorpion Homecoming launch page.

Scorpion Homecoming is a casual, free and fun event. Sled registration is completely complementary. No formal provisions are being made for swap or race activities. Attendees are however encouraged to support the Chamber by purchasing a raffle ticket (excellent prizes awarded - need not be present to win), patronizing the concessionaires and purchasing the official 2008 Homecoming button.

All Scorpions, as well as Scorpion-manufactured brands are welcome, including Trail-A-Sled, Sno-Ro, Sears, Sno-Craft, Brut and Massey-Ferguson.

Machines need not run to be displayed. For safety reasons, propeller-driven air-sleds will NOT be operated during the event.

And don't forget to sport your Scorpion-themed red and black apparel!

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Homecoming Results


Crosby, Minn. - February 2, 2008

Benefiting from mild weather conditions, Scorpion Homecoming attendance was double the amount of last year’s tally. Spread along four neat rows, two hundred Scorpion snowmobiles were presented for public display between Noon and 3:00 PM. Included in this year’s event was a featured snowmobile, the semi-racing 1970 Stinger, twenty two of which were proudly shown. The rows of red metal-fleck Stingers made for a particularly handsome pose.

The festive atmosphere was infectious, with many of the participants preparing their own meals on site – a veritable tailgating party on ice!

Given the continued interest, a repeat event in February of 2009 appears likely, with a feature sled of the 1975 Whip being planned. A theme of “5 & 50” is likely, given 2009 would be the Scorpion Homecoming’s five year anniversary, and more importantly the fifty year anniversary of the founding of Trail-A-Sled, Inc. the firm that eventually become Scorpion Snowmobiles.

The event included a rousing awards presentation, with numerous trophies presented in several categories, including:

Scorpion Spirit – Awarded to groups displaying the most fan spirit.

- Runners Up: Dave Gruba, McGrath MN; Moose Lake Scorpion Club, Moose Lake MN; and the Iron Hub Bog Busters, Aitkin MN
- First Place: Antique Snowmobile Society, Cohasset MN

Scorpion Horde – Combined total of sleds and people.

- Runner Up: With a combined total of 22, the Antique Snowmobile Society, Cohasset MN
- First Place: With a combined total of 52, the Iron Hub Bog Busters, Aitkin MN

Scorpion Traveler – Attendee traveling the furthest distance.

- Runner Up: Paul Kareney, St Peter, MN traveling 205 miles
- First Place: Jerry Eve of Forsyth, MT traveling 665 miles

Chamber’s Choice

- Runner-up: Ray Arnold’s 1970 Stinger, Moose Lake, MN
- First Place: Dave Gruba’s 1967 4-cyclinder drone, McGrath, MN

Peoples Choice

- Runner-up: Iron Hub Bog Busters, 1965 Trail-A-Sled Scorpion
- First Place: Chelsea Holmvig, 1971 Mark II Scorpion

Peer’s Choice

- Runner-up: Chelsea Holmvig, 1971 Mark II Scorpion
- First Place: Iron Hub Bog Busters, 1965 Trail-A-Sled Scorpion

Numbering well over 100 scorpions, a large on-ice trail ride was led by the Iron Hub Bog Busters of Aitkin, Minnesota. Traffic flow assistance was provided by Range Car Wash. The intense efforts of several local volunteers, particularly Tim Leonard, Dwayne Jenson and Cliff Kittelson helped to insure the event's success.

Machines of particular note this year included two Quad Tracs and a 4-cylinder drone of the same configuration used to set a world jumping record in 1967.

The on-ice festivities were followed by an indoor open house where complementary food, old Scorpion videos, and fascinating memorabilia were enjoyed by all.

Numerous media were on hand to cover the event, including the St. Croix Valley Dog Dish, the Crosby-Ironton Courier, the Brainerd Dispatch, the Antique and Classic Snowmobile Club of Canada, the Antique Snowmobile Club of America, the Antique Snowmobile Society, and the world’s premier snowmobile publication, Snow Goer.


Renee Richardson of the Brainerd Dispatch penned an exceptional recap of the event as well as capturing are large number of fascinating Homecoming images in a WeSpotted feature. Note, you may be required to register before viewing these files but it is well worth the effort.

A link to the the Antique and Classic Snowmobile Club of Canada's first-hand article will be posted here when it becomes available.

A Homecoming 2008 feature story is planned for Snow Goer magazine. Look for publication in late 2008. Additional details will be posted here as they become available.

The Crosby-Ironton Courier, in it's February 6, 2008 edition described the event as follows, "Over 200 vintage Scorpions lined the shores of Serpent Lake last Saturday, allowing people to see sleds made at the snowmobile manufacturing company that put Crosby on the map. The 1970 Stinger was the feature sled at this year's Scorpion Homecoming, which seems to be drawing bigger crowds of owners and onlookers every year."

Final Pre-Event Announcements

In the final days preceding the event, late-breaking announcements will be posted to this area. If you plan on attending, please check this section accordingly.

This year's event will garner plenty of media coverage. Not only will the Crosby-Ironton Courier and Brainerd Dispatch be in attendance, but the world's leading snowmobile magazine, Snow Goer will also be covering the event.

This year's trail ride will be lead by a large contingent from the Iron Hub Bog Busters snowmobile club.

Traffic control staff will be in place at the Memorial Park boat ramp to assist you with drop-off and parking information. Conditions are favorable for parking on the ice but such is always at your own risk. Ample curbside parking is available nearby. When you arrive, drop-off your sleds as directed then move-on please. Be sure to check-in at the support tent for complementary sled registration. Note that the Memorial Park boat ramp provides excellent low-grade access to the lake.

Final details of this year's awards presentation have been announced. Awards will be presented in the following categories:

- Scorpion Spirit: The person or group who through their on-ice display of Scorpion snowmobiles, apparel, memorabilia and over-all presentation, exhibits an unusual high degree of Scorpion spirit.

- Scorpion Horde: Defined as "a large crowd or group," the Horde award goes to the group with the largest combination of people and Scorpions.

- Scorpion Traveler: The individual or group who traveled the farthest to attend this year's Homecoming.

- Chamber's Choice: Personal favorite as judged by the Cuyuna Range Chamber of Commerce.

- People's Choice: Crowd favorite as determined by ballots contributed by the general public.

- Peer's Choice: The personal favorite on among those persons displaying machines at this year's Homecoming.

Central Minnesota's Brainerd Dispatch has published an excellent preview of this event. Click here to read the story.

Radio interviews promoting the Homecoming are planned as follows

- The Dallas Kurt Smith show on KKIN in Aitkin, MN at 8:30 AM on Tuesday, January 29th
- The Blenda Hagberg show on KLKS in Pequot Lakes, MN at 2:40 PM on Thursday, January 31st.

The official product-line for this year's Homecoming Store has just been released. New additions this year include beanies (available in both red and black) and two sizes of stunning Scorpion checkered flags. All products are commercial quality. Quantities are limited. No rain checks or returns. All profits benefit the Cuyuna Range Chamber of Commerce. Be prepared, click here for a detailed listing, including pricing.

Informal judging for the Chamber's Choice and Scorpion Spirit awards will occur between 2:00 and 2:30 PM.

If you bring a 1970 Stinger, be sure to place it in the separate display area.

It is common for persons to attend both the Homecoming and participate in the adjacent ice fishing contest. Click here to learn more about the ice fishing component.

Scorpion Trails wishes to thank the following persons or organizations who help to make this event a success: the Cuyuna Range Chamber of Commerce - Johnna Johnson; Range Car Wash - Bob Heath and Mark Filas (traffic control); Oars-n-Mine - Roger Healy; the Iron Hub Bog Busters (trail-ride); Dennis Kutz of ScorpsRUs, the on-ice site-prep crew (Tim Leonard, Dwayne Jenson, Cliff Kittelson); the support tent staff (Michael Groves, Ashton Terry, Paula Traylor); the Open House crew (Judy Frink, Jackie Cluff, Pat Northburg, Darlene Winegarner, Kara Groves) and the Harrison family.


  • 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM Set-up & Registration
  • 12:00 PM - 3:00 PM Display
  • 1:30 - 2:00 PM Judging
  • 3:00 PM Awards Presentation
  • 3:15 PM - 4:30 PM Trail Ride
  • 3:30 PM - 7:00 PM Open House

Feature Sled

Lots of changes are expected for 2008, with more trophies and more cool Scorpion merchandise. This year's feature sled will be the 1970 Stinger - bring one and receive a complementary certificate!

Media Coverage

Extensive media coverage is expected this year, including KKIN, the Crosby-Ironton Courier and others.


A more formalized judging process will continue for 2008. Scorpion Homecoming is independently judged by experts within the antique and vintage snowmobile hobby - the Antique Snowmobile Society (A.S.S.).


A generous offering of trophies will be distributed at the 3:00 PM on-ice awards presentation, including the following categories at minimum:

  • Feature Sled
  • Trail-A-Sled Era, original and restored (model years 1959-1971)
  • Scorpion Era, original & restored (model years 1972-1981)
  • Scorpion Custom
  • Scorpion Traveler
  • Chamber’s Choice

Support Tent

Upon your arrival, visit the Homecoming on-ice support tent for your sled sign, commemorative button, and other Scorpion merchandise. For your comfort, the support tent also doubles as a warming facility.

Profits benefit the Cuyuna Lakes Chamber of Commerce. Please support the event by purchasing these wonderful items! Cash only please.


 Homecoming button - support the event by purchasing this on-ice memento - still only $3.00! Pen: $1, Homecoming Button: $3 (prior year buttons: $1); ceramic mug: $5; beanie: $10; ball cap: $15; thermal mug: $15; flags: small (1’ x 1.5’): $20, large (2’ x 3’): $90.

 Parking and Traffic Flow

As always, on-ice driving and parking is at your own risk (ample nearby street parking is available). For your convenience, Memorial Park does have an excellent low-angle ramp to the ice surface. See the pre-event announcements section of this page for last minute information.


Crosby, Minnesota is located on the eastern edge of the Brainerd Lakes Area (115 miles north of Minneapolis, 90 miles west of Duluth, 15 miles northwest of Brainerd). Crosby's Memorial Park on the northwestern shores of Serpent Lake (Highway 210). If you are unsure of the location, check-out the map on the Homecoming launch page. Enter Memorial Park through the west-side entrance along Hwy 210, then proceed to the boat ramp where volunteers will assist you.

Display Area

A dedicated display area will be set-up adjacent to the ice fishing area on Serpent Lake just offshore from Memorial Park. Although welcome, no formal provisions are being made for swappers (and no fees are accessed). All swappers in attendance are asked to set-up around the perimeter of the display area and not within the snowmobile display lines.

A dedicated area for feature sleds will be set-up near the display area entrance. Please place all feature sleds (regardless of condition) in this area.

The display area is reserved specifically for Trail-A-Sled, Scorpion and other brands directly manufactured by such. Other antique and vintage brands are welcome (but are asked to please set-up around the perimeter of the display area).

Local ride-in sleds are encouraged!

Trail Ride

Completely on-ice, this optional low-speed ride will circumnavigate Serpent Lake for approximately 8 round-trip miles. Support vehicles may not be available, so plan accordingly. Assuming safe ice conditions, the ride will proceed with or without snow. Participants below the age of 18 are subject to Minnesota's helmet law. Please have your sleds in good running condition. Vintage snowmobiles (25 years old or greater) are exempt from state license requirements while participating in this event.

Open House

Held at a world-class local collection, this event is an absolute must for Scorpion fans. Rare vintage video will be on display. Directions to the open house are available at the on-ice Homecoming booth. Complimentary snacks and refreshments will be provided.


For lodging and dining information, see the Chamber's web site. Extensive alternative lodging is also available in the Brainerd Lakes area, generally 16 miles southwest of Crosby-Ironton on Highway 210.

Photography Disclaimer

Scorpion Homecoming is an open and active event. Your presence at the Homecoming implies consent to permit Scorpion Online to photograph, record, film or videotape your likeness and to publish it on our web site and other publications for artistic and non-commercial promotional purposes. By your presence, you agree to release Scorpion Online from any liability resulting from publication of your likeness. Requests to remove a particular picture bearing your likeness will be honored on a best efforts basis.