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Posted: February 6, 2006

Seemingly right on queue, brisk winter weather greatly improved on-ice conditions as the second-ever Scorpion Homecoming took to the ice on Crosby’s Serpent Lake. Partnered once again with the Cuyuna Range Chamber of Commerce’s annual ice fishing contest, the Scorpion faithful brought 250 machines to Crosby’s Memorial Park. Presented in a kaleidoscopic range of colors and models, the on-ice display area featured early machines like the Trail-A-Sled, Inc. air-sled as well as a wonderfully restored 1963 snowmobile prototype. The firm’s final production run of Scorpion Sidewinders was also honored. Participants noted that the number of local sleds displayed was a significant increase from 2005.

Nearly 500 persons from as far away as Spokane, Washington, attended the event. A number of former racers and employees joined with enthusiastic collectors for an afternoon of fun and memories.

The Lake Country Journal was in attendance and a feature story for late this year is planned while North Woods Images made sure the event was well recorded in film.

The homecoming support tent reported brisk sales of raffle tickets, commemorative buttons and other Scorpion memorabilia – all profits benefiting the Chamber.

This year’s homecoming was also honored to host the Vintage Snowmobile Club of America and the Antique Snowmobile Club of America.

All hats are off once again to the Chamber for a well-organized event, with all the on-ice amenities.

A hearty thank you also goes out to the Sno-Serpents who did a great job of assisting with traffic flow and hosted a great trail-ride around the lake – a real highlight for all involved.

Several awards were presented at 3:00 PM, including:


1st Place: Todd Danelski, 1971 Mark II – Willow River, Minn.
Runner Up: Lee Kasper, 1963 – Albertville, Minn.


1st Place: Butch Holmvig, 1970 Mark II – Cuyuna, Minn.
Runner Up: Lee Kasper & Sons: 1963 – Albertville, Minn.


1st Place: Bill Adams, 1977 Whip – Sauk Rapids, Minn.
Runner Up: Butch Holmvig, 1970 Mark II – Cuyuna, Minn.

The day ended with an open house at a large local Scorpion collection where food and beverages were provided. Several extremely rare vintage Scorpion videos were also displayed for 200 appreciative Scorpion fans.

Several web sites are now featuring photos from the event, including Solberg's Vintage Snowmobiles and DDubs Toys.


… where it’s not about the sleds, it’s about the people.

Download the official event poster in PDF format by clicking here (168 KB).

Join hundreds of Scorpion fans for the Cuyuna Lakes Chamber of Commerce's second annual Scorpion Homecoming!

The Homecoming has become an annual ritual for Scorpion collectors and with a very popular feature sled, 2006 promises to be bigger and better than last year. Make plans to attend now.

The agenda and tone of the event is expected to be similar to last year. For a recap of last year, browse the Scorpion Homecoming launch page.

Scorpion Homecoming is a casual, free and fun event. Sled registration is completely complementary. No formal provisions are being made for swap or race activities. Attendees are however encouraged to support the Chamber by purchasing a raffle ticket (excellent prizes awarded - need not be present to win), patronizing the concessionaires and purchasing the official 2006 Homecoming button.

All Scorpions, as well as Scorpion-manufactured brands are welcome, including Trail-A-Sled, Sno-Ro, Sears, Sno-Craft, Brut and Massey-Ferguson.

Machines need not run to be displayed. For safety reasons, propeller-driven air-sleds will NOT be operated during the event.

And don't forget to sport your Scorpion-themed red and black apparel!

Need more information? Use our Contact form.

Final Pre-Event Announcements

Posted: February 3, 2006

For your convenience, all updates to this site since January 1, 2006 will be indicated in red. Please scan for changes below.

February 2, 2006

Click me for larger viewThis is the final official communication prior to Scorpion Homecoming 2006. All attendees should note the following important announcements. To assist you, please reference this map.


The depth of lake ice has been tested and is sufficient for our purposes. However, there will be modest adjustments in parking and traffic flow from last year's event.

The snowmobile display will be held on-ice (similar to last year) in a handful of orderly rows. Non-Scorpions are welcome but please set-up along the outside of the display area.

Swappers are welcome but please do not set-up along or within the display area. Please see the map referenced above.

Any on-ice driving is at your own risk. Only a small number of necessary support vehicles and trailers should be parking on the ice.


The Sno-Serpents will once again be assisting with traffic flow. Club members will be wearing blaze orange jackets for your convenience.


All spectators are encouraged to park their vehicles along near-by city streets. Please see the map referenced above.


Please follow the red arrows noted on that map and park in the “A” area (see map) and drive or pull your sleds the short distance to the on-ice display area.


Although the ride is modest (no more than 8 on-ice miles) tow support will be minimal this year so please have your sleds in good running condition and use the buddy system with another sledder. If in doubt, cut the route short and loop back to the display area.


See the support tent for a map.


Visit the Homecoming support tent for your sled sign and ballots.

A warming tent will be available for your convenience.

Bring cash for commemorative items and wear your Scorpion garb ... if it still fits!

See you at the Homecoming and have fun!

January 30, 2006 - Let's get it on! The Homecoming is proceeding as scheduled. Despite somewhat warm temperatures, ice conditions allow the Homecoming to proceed generally as planned. However, modest changes are possible. Please familiarize  yourself with the information below and check back for updates. Changes may occur through Thursday evening before the event. Yes, snow cover is minimal but both the display and trail-ride will be held on Serpent Lake where snow packed ice abounds.

January 5, 2006 - Official Event Poster [Adobe PDF format]


A few items will be offered for sale at this year's Homecoming. All profits benefit the Cuyuna Range Chamber of Commerce. Items available include three styles of coffee mugs and a high-quality ball cap featuring the venerable Scorpion script logo (available in black and red ... of course!). Cash only please. Commemorative buttons will once again be available. The 1975 Super Stinger 400 will be featured on this year’s button.

For Immediate Release:


Saturday, February 4, 2006 - Crosby, Minn.

For the second in as many years, the Cuyuna Range Chamber of Commerce is expanding their long-standing Annual Ice Fishing Contest to also include a very special snowmobile event ... Scorpion Homecoming - Exhibition & Trail Ride. Commemorating the Cuyuna Range's central role in the development of the snowmobile, this now-annual gathering will bring together collectors, racers and former Scorpion employees for a day of memories among a wonderful display of these marvelous homegrown machines. Ranging from the early air-sleds of the 1950's to the firm's final production run for 1981, a wide variety of locally built snowmobiles will be presented adjacent to the ice fishing contest on picturesque Serpent Lake. All are encouraged to attend - and bring your Scorpions!

Scorpion Homecoming is a casual, free and fun display-only event. No judging will be conducted. No formal provisions are being made for swap or race activities. Attendees are however encouraged to support the Chamber by purchasing a raffle ticket for $1.00 or $5.00 (excellent prizes awarded  need not be present to win), patronizing the concessionaires and purchasing a very special Scorpion Homecoming commemorative button.

Building upon last year's unexpected success, let's bring together even more Scorpions than the Cuyuna Range has seen in ... well, since last year where nearly 300 Scorpions were on display! All Scorpions, as well as Scorpion-manufactured brands are welcome, including Trail-A-Sled, Sno-Ro, Sears, Sno-Craft, Brut and Massey-Ferguson.

Machines need not run to be displayed.  For safety reasons, propeller-driven air-sleds will NOT be operated during the event.

Noted regional author Linda Koutsky (Minnesota Vacation Days) and other local media will be in attendance this year. Regional television outlets have been invited. Minnesota Snowmobiler is expected to cover the event. The VSCA and ASCOA will also be in attendance.

Lead by the Sno-Serpents Snowmobile Club, an optional low-speed trail ride will circumnavigate Serpent Lake on Saturday [see below for scheduling details].

Weather and ice conditions permitting, the Bay Lake Sno-Packers will be demonstrating the famous Trail-A-Sail, something that hasn't been seen on Serpent lake for over 30 years!

Several awards will be presented, including Peer's Choice (voted by fellow exhibitors), People's Choice (voted by the general public), and Chamber's Choice (voted by the Cuyuna Range Chamber of Commerce).  Additional places in each category will be added for 2006. The awards will be presented by our MC at 3:00 PM in the ice-fishing area.

Interested in attending this event? If so, please aid the Chamber's planning by clicking here to send us an informational Email. In the body of the Email please indicate: 1) name, 2) number of persons, 3) number of snowmobiles, 4) your Scorpion connection (e.g. former employee, collector, racer, vendor), and 5) which segments you plan on attending (e.g. display, trail ride).


Click here to review a map providing an overview of truck-trailer traffic to the Scorpion Display area. Please review this map (subject to change through Thursday evening before the event) and the information below:

  • Given modest ice conditions, spectators for both the ice fishing contest and Scorpion Homecoming are encouraged to park in the adjacent Memorial Park and surrounding side streets as needed and undertake a brief walk to both the Scorpion display and ice fishing areas.
  • Exact details concerning sled drop-off for exhibitors and parking of trucks/trailers is still pending. Ample parking will be available but ice conditions may warrant modest changes from last year. Please check back here for final details posted through Thursday night before the event.
  • Representatives of the Sno-Serpents will be assisting in the directing of traffic.
  • Please check-in at the Homecoming support tent adjacent to the display area. Here you will receive a sled sign and a Peer's Choice ballot.


All events are open to the public - spectators and local supporters are welcome!



  • Display Set-Up 10:00 AM - 11:30 AM
  • Display 12:00 PM - 3:00 PM
    • Hamburgers, hot dogs & chili available - sponsored by the Cuyuna Range Lions (nominal fee)
  • Awards 3:00 PM
    • Award presentations by Dallas Kurt Smith of KKIN Radio's The Morning Show. Trophies provided courtesy of Scorpion Trails.
  • Trail Ride 3:15 - 4:30 PM


  • Open House 5:00 - 7:00 PM
    • Held at a world-class local collection
    • An absolute must for Scorpion fans
    • Rare vintage video displayed during the event
    • Directions available below and at the on-ice Homecoming booth
    • Hot dogs and refreshments will be available
    • Link to a map of the open house (print landscape to fit)


  • A dedicated display area will be set-up adjacent to the ice fishing area on Serpent Lake just offshore from Memorial Park.
  • Although welcome, no formal provisions are being made for swappers (and no fees are accessed). Swappers are asked to not set-up along the display lines.
  • All on-ice parking and activities are at your own risk.  Ample city street parking is available near the event.
  • The display area is reserved specifically for Trail-A-Sled, Scorpion and other brands directly manufactured by such. Other antique and vintage brands are welcome (but are asked to please not set-up along the display lines).
  • Local ride-in sleds are encouraged!
  • At the Homecoming support tent, a sled sign and Peer's Choice ballot will be provided to each Scorpion displayed. You will also be able to purchase Scorpion Homecoming buttons and related commemorative hats and mugs. All profits benefit the Chamber of Commerce. Cash only please
  • Spectators are welcome.
  • Crosby, Minnesota located on the eastern edge of the Brainerd Lakes Area (115 miles north of Minneapolis, 90 miles west of Duluth, 15 miles northwest of Brainerd)
  • Crosby's Memorial Park on the northwestern shores of Serpent Lake (Highway 210)


  • Led by the Sno-Serpents Snowmobile Club, this optional event leaves the display area at 3:15 PM and returns by 4:30 PM (at latest)
  • Completely on-ice, this low-speed ride will circumnavigate Serpent Lake (approximately 8 total miles)
  • Support vehicles will be provided by the Sno-Serpents
  • Assuming safe ice conditions, the ride will proceed with or without snow
  • Participants below the age of 18 are subject to Minnesota's helmet law
  • Please have your sleds in good running condition
  • Be prepared for icy conditions
  • Vintage snowmobiles (25 years old or greater) are exempt from state license requirements while participating in this event


  • For lodging and dining information, see the Chamber's Resort & Lodging page. Extensive alternative lodging is also available in the Brainerd-Baxter area, 16 miles southwest of Crosby-Ironton on Highway 210.