Championship Snowmobile Derby Game

Now a valuable collectors item, Scorpion's exciting Championship Snowmobile Derby Game is offered through a wide network, including Scorpion dealers and retail outlets in the United States and Canada (a French version titled Championnat Derby de Moto-Neige was also offered). Originally retailing for $5.95 and produced by Burton Cole Enterprises Inc. of Minneapolis, Minnesota, this wholesale promotional brochure presents the following description:

"Just like the real thing - without the snow! Here's the hot game for the cool crowd - that game that comes in first with America's fastest growing winter sport! Championship Snowmobile Derby is based on actual races and track layout, designed with the help of well-known racers. Up to 6 snowmobiles power out through curves and hills and speed and thrills with all the excitement and competition of authentic championship snowmobiling. Attractive shelf-dominating box really flags 'em down. Popular priced, too! Snowmobiling is going cross-country by storm. Don't get caught out in the cold - get on the right rack with Championship Snowmobile Derby! For complete information, just let us know. We'll give you full details ... without any snow."