Find below a listing of several physical locations that are of historical significance to Trail-A-Sled, Inc., and Scorpion Snowmobiles. A number of these sites are on private property, so please exercise appropriate judgement. If you know any interesting additional facts regarding any of these locations, please email information to rangewhip@gmail.com and include the subject, "Scorpion Locations".

ARMORY BUILDING LOCATION – Although not owned directly by Trail-A-Sled or Scorpion, Crosby’s old armory building housed XYZ, a bustling manufacturer of Scorpion-themed winter-time apparel. The armory sat just east of Crosby’s maintenance building (which was lost in the 1967 fire). Site of the armory building is now occupied by the City of Crosby police department, clerk and administrative offices. Located at the SW corner of 2nd St SW and Cross Ave S, in Crosby. GPS: 46.480430, -93.952737

CROSBY CREAMERY LOCATION – Crosby’s former creamery building was used for welding and similar fabricating in the late 1960’s. Although now a parking lot (as-of July, 2018) the building was located in the SW corner of 1st St NE and 1st Ave NE, in Crosby. GPS: 46.483108, -93.950750

CITY OF CROSBY, MAINTENANCE BUILDING LOCATION – This large city maintenance facility was leased during xyz. The building also included the city’s library and street maintenance equipment (e.g. graders and plows). Prior to Trial-A-Sled’s use, it was flooded in the winter to serve as an indoor skating rink for the community. GPS: 46.480196, -93.953789

CITY OF CROSBY, QUONSET HUTS – Following the fire of 1967, company officials set-up a make-shift assembly line in this building. GPS: 46.482204, -93.970957

INLAND STEEL ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICES – When Trail-A-Sled’s administrative offices were destroyed by the 1967 fire, company executives and administrators moved-into the recently vacated Inland Steel buildings in NW Crosby. These offices we used by company staff until the firm’s eventual bankruptcy in xyz. GPS: 46.481676, -93.970397

HUB MANUFACTURING – To meet ever-growing production goals and improve reliability, Trail-A-Sled began switching from all-fiberglass snowmobiles to those with steel tunnels and fiberglass hoods. Hub Manufacturing (led by Leon Hubbard) was a key player in this transition as they did xyz and z. [Hub also made? Also part of a division?] The company remains active and family-owned today at 2626 Broadway St NE, Minneapolis, MN 55413, (http://hubmfg.com/) GPS:  

LAKEVIEW GARAGE – This small garage in Crosby’s Lakeview district is where it all started. It was from here that Glen Gutzman constructed aluminum-based air sleds (having brought production from xya in Eagle Bend, MN) in the late 1950’s. Once joined with Dick and Stub Harrison in 1959, the small company incorporated as Trail-A-Sled, Inc. and began constructing fiberglass-based air sleds from this location. Although the garage was small, it afforded easy access to noisy test drives on Serpent Lake (much to the chagrin of the neighbors). The garage still stands today at the NW corner of Vermilion St and Michigan Ave, in Crosby. GPS: 46.482204, -93.970957

LUND LUMBER BUILDING – This large building in Ironton was originally the Lund Lumber Building. Founded in 1938 by the father/son team of HB and LaValle Lund, this lumber yard and hardware store served the area's bustling building needs. As mining activity waned, Lund Lumber eventually closed and Trail-A-Sled leased the building for fiberglass hood manufacturing. Approximate years of use by Trail-A-Sled/Scorpion are 1966-1972. Today, the building remains at the NW corner of 2nd St and Curtis Ave, in Ironton, Minnesota. GPS: 46.480168, -93.976368

MANUFACTURING CAMPUS, MAIN BUILDING – Rapidly constructed after the fire of 1967, Trail-A-Sled’s new manufacturing campus allowed for significantly greater production and a more centralized manufacturing process. Initially built to xya square feet, the primary manufacturing building was expanded over the years and came to product a number of additional products. Following the bankruptcy of Scorpion in abc, the building was used by abc, 123. Today, the building stands a 175,000 square feet and houses Graphic Packaging International, a manufacturer of high-volume beverage packaging machines, employing 125 people.

MANUFACTURING CAMPUS, RUBBER DRIVES – Built after the 1967 fire, the Rubber Drives building housed the firm’s rubber products division, which included molded rubber tracks, motor mounts, boogie wheels and other rubber-based products for Trail-A-Sled, Scorpion and a number of other manufacturers. Located at the SW corner of 1st St SW and 11th Ave SW, the building is presently unused (as-of 2018). GPS: 46.481351, -93.971945

MIDDLETON MOTORS (BUICK) LOCATION – Located at the NW corner of East Main Street and 1st Avenue NE, the Middleton Motors building was transformed into Trail-A-Sled’s first, high-production manufacturing operation. It was here that an assembly line for manufacture of the company’s new, all-fiberglass sleds was set-up, as demand for snowmobiles began to take-off. Critical financing for this expansion was provided in part, by renown Duluth-based entrepreneur, Jeno Paulucci. Approximate years of use: 1963-1966. Although the Middleton building is long gone, this site is now occupied by Barstock Liquors (as-of 2018). GPS: 46.482474, -93.950856

PORTAGE LAKE TEST TRACK – The area in and around the farmstead of Scorpion employee William (Bill) LeRoy Andrews (located NE of Riverton, MN) served as a test track for Trail-A-Sled in the late 1960’s and early 1970’s. A commemorative sign may be found along the Portage Lake Trail (approximately 100 yards east of the Trail parking lot along Iverson Road). Use the parking lot adjacent to Iverson Road at GPS: 46.475259, -94.037870 then proceed to the east, along the trail to 46.475300, -94.036267 where a now overgrown segment of the former test strip runs north/south, perpendicular to the trail. While you are there, enjoy the lovely Portal Lake Interpretative Trail. Learn more about the Trail at the official Crow Wing County website: https://www.crowwing.us/1053/Portage-Lake-Trail

PORTSMOUTH MINE BUILDINGS – Located along Co. Rd. 30 NW of Ironton, the underutilized former mining buildings became the vibrant hub of Scorpion’s research and development activities in the mid-1970’s. In this relatively secluded location, Scorpion engineers developed [INSERT]. This location is now privately held. GPS: 46.489573, -93.977582

SOO LINE DEPOT MUSEUM – Although never used by Trail-A-Sled, Inc. or Scorpion, Crosby’s Soo Line Depot Museum is a treasure-trove of local history and memorabilia, including an extremely rare 1963 Scorpion snowmobile, donated to the museum by Trail-A-Sled, Inc. co-founders Glen Gutzman and Dick Harrison in 197?. Located at the intersection of 1st St NE and 1st Ave NE, in Crosby. GPS: 46.483589, -93.950191

SNOW HUT – Known as the “largest Scorpion dealer in the world” (due in part to the fact that the Snow Hut handled all employee purchases) the Snow Hut was xyz. The Snow Hut location is presently the site of the Crosby Bar abc. GPS: 46.482376, -93.956632