2019 Jan - KARE 11 Cuyuna Country Feature

Loved the recent KARE 11 Sunrise feature highlighting the many exciting winter-time activities available right now in the Cuyuna Country State Recreation Area. Included in the segment is a gorgeous, locally manufactured 1971 Scorpion Mark II snowmobile (thank you Butch Holmvig). With the iconic fiberglass tear-drop hood (designed by Eugene “Stub” Harrison, who together with Glen Gutzman and Dick Harrison founded the snowmobile company in 1959) the 1971 is very popular among vintage snowmobile collectors. Shout-out to KARE11’s Kris Laudien, Jessica Vukelich, Jenny Smith (Cycle Path and Paddle, Crosby, Minnesota), Cuyuna Lakes Mountain Bike Trails, Joel Hartman, Brenda Backberg Booth Klippenes (Crosby-Ironton Courier) and everyone else who helped put the story together - the mountain biking, snowshoeing and overall landscape was stunning, as usual. For more behind the scenes information and a nice shout-out to the soon-approaching Cuyuna Lakes Ice Fishing Contest & Scorpion Homecoming (2019), check-out the linked article and video: https://www.kare11.com/article/travel/winter-wonder/explore-the-winter-wonder-of-cuyuna-country-state-recreation-area/89-70f9b0e7-4d7b-4940-80cc-e66547505001.

2019 Jan - Scorpion Trivia - Crosby Bar and Scorpion Hood

SCORPION TRIVIA -- At The Crosby Bar and Grill in Crosby, Minnesota you will find a fascinating display of Scorpion memorabilia, including an iconic tear-drop 1969 Scorpion hood (distinct from 1970 hoods which featured white-bordered rally stripes). Completely homegrown and designed by Crosby native Eugene “Stub” Harrison, the fiberglass tear-drop hood defined the distinctive Scorpion look for several years (1968 to 1971). #scorpionsnowmobiles

2019 Jan - Button Announcement

COMMEMORATING the innovative Scorpion Stingerette, the design of your official Cuyuna Lakes Ice Fishing Contest & Scorpion Homecoming (2019) button is now released! Still just $4 and available only at the on-ice warming tent on February 2, 2019. Support the event and remember the Stingerette by picking-up one, or several! #cuyunalakes #scorpionsnowmobiles #scorpionhomecoming

2018 Dec - Scorpion Trivia - Deerwood True Value

SCORPION TRIVIA -- Proudly displayed at the Deerwood True Value Hardware Store, you will find a rare 1965 model year Scorpion snowmobile. This 1965 was among the first Scorpions to feature the firm's newly patented rubber track. Offered in turquoise or pale red, 575 of these nimble little machines were manufactured for 1965, and offered at a retail price of $795. Lightweight, stylish and fun, the 1965 was a big hit in the marketplace and foretold several years of exponential growth for the firm. (Note, the 1964 model featured a cleated track and the 1966 brought-in a steel tunnel.) #scorpionsnowmobiles

2018 Dec - Scorpion Trivia - Model Year 1963

SCORPION TRIVIA — On display at Crosby, Minnesota's historic Soo Depot Museum (a part of the Cuyuna Iron Range Heritage Network) you will find an extremely rare early model 1963 Scorpion snowmobile. Donated to the museum by co-founders Glen Gutzman and Dick Harrison in 1980, this little machine reflects the company's early forays into tracked snowmobile production. In this case, although labor intensive, plywood, fiberglass and lumber construction were deployed atop a cleated track suspension. Only 25 of these machines were produced, and a handful remain today. If you haven't seen this machine, be sure to check it out at the Soo Line Depot Museum, open Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day weekend. The museum also contains a wealth of Cuyuna Range historical information. Don't miss it!

2018 Dec - Scorpion Trivia - Quonset Hut

Following the devastating fire of 1967, Trail-A-Sled, Inc. (later Scorpion Snowmobiles) set-up a make-shift assembly line in the former Inland Steel Quonset huts located in NW Crosby. In only 15 short days, Scorpions were once again being shipped to distributors and the following summer, a brand-new manufacturing campus was opened to meet ever-increasing demand for Scorpions. This amazing turn-around story, from certain ruin to top-two domestic manufacturer of snowmobiles, remains among the most miraculous turn-around stories in the history of Minnesota manufacturing. #scorpionsnowmobiles

2018 Sep - Feature Sled Announcement

SCORPION STINGERETTE is your 2019 Scorpion Homecoming feature sled! Sporting the industry’s first-ever snowmobile specifically designed for women, the Scorpion Stingerette featured easy-starting displacements and a hot pink color scheme affectionately labeled "Gleaming Midnight Sun Magenta." All model years (1972-1974) and engine sizes will be featured at the Homecoming, both original and restored, including both the standard Stingerette as well as the Super Stingerette. Eight trophies will be awarded for these feature sleds alone, so get yours ready and get yourself out to the 15th Annual Scorpion Homecoming, Saturday February 2, 2019 held in conjunction with the Cuyuna Lakes Chamber of Commerce Annual Fishing Contest. No where else will you see this many Stingerettes together in one place, ever. If you are a fan, you can't miss this one. Additional details to follow. (Image features original 1972 290cc). #scorpionsnowmobiles