2019 - June - 2nd Annual ASCOA Scorpion Summer Open House & Driving Tour

June 15, 2019 - Highlights from the 2nd Annual ASCOA Scorpion Summer Open House & Driving Tour sponsored by the Antique Snowmobile Club of America. Here, Les Pinz provides a portion of the group with an overview of this particular location's importance - Quonset huts in which Trail-A-Sled, Inc. first manufactured Scorpions after the devastating fire of 1967. Trail-A-Sled’s rapid recovery from the fire remains the stuff of legend in the snowmobile industry. #scorpionsnowmobiles #scorpiondrivingtour #ascoa

2019 - Jun - ASCOA Summer Open House

2nd Annual ASCOA Scorpion Summer Open House & Driving Tour

Hosted by the Antique Snowmobile Club of America and the Harrison family.

Saturday June 15, 2019 - Crosby, Minnesota

Low-key and casual, this second annual potluck event is a great opportunity to swap stories and learn more about Trail-A-Sled and Scorpion snowmobile history. The event is free, but participants are encouraged to bring a lawn chair, food item and make a modest cash donation to contribute when visiting the Soo Depot Museum (during the Driving Tour).


At the Scorpion museum from Noon to 1:00 PM, a few miscellaneous Scorpion commemorative items will also be available for purchase (bring cash and small bills please). Wear your Scorpion apparel!


10:00 AM: MEET-UP at the Scorpion museum. Tour the facility and share stories.

12:00 PM: POTLUCK PICNIC at the Scorpion museum. Bring a lawn chair and food item to share.

12:00 PM - 1:00 PM: SCORPION commemorative items available for purchase at the Scorpion museum.

1:00 PM – 4:00 PM: Departing from the Scorpion museum, Driving Tour of the Crosby-Ironton area, including historic buildings and locations unique to Scorpion history.


General outline, some variance is expected (especially if raining).

1:00 PM: Lakeview Garage, original Trail-A-Sled manufacturing building (late 1950’s).

1:30 PM: Manufacturing Campus (post 1967 fire), including primary manufacturing plant, rubber plant, administrative offices and Quonset huts.

2:30 PM: Former research and development facilities.

3:00 PM: Former test track location.

3:30 PM: Historic Soo Depot Museum.

4:00 PM: Crosby maintenance building site (1967 fire).


If you information regarding the location of the museum, email rangewhip@gmail.com. Serious inquires only.

To learn more about the ASCOA, please visit http://www.ascoa.org/

Highlights from the 2018 event.

2019 - Feb - Television Spot

TELEVISION SPOT - Airing Tuesday night February 5th during the Lakeland PBS Lakeland News broadcast, and titled "Northwoods Adventure: Vintage Scorpion Snowmobiles Return To The Place Where It All Started" find here a link to a fun television spot covering the recent Cuyuna Lakes Ice Fishing Contest & Scorpion Homecoming (2019). Shout-out to Jessica Vukelich, Randy Harrison and Sandra Court Schutz for the awesome interviews! Well done Anthony Scott! - https://lptv.org/northwoods-adventure-vintage-scorpion-snowmobiles-return-to-the-place-where-it-all-started/

2019 - Feb - Homecoming Recap


One hundred and two Scorpion Snowmobiles were on display this past Saturday at the 15th Annual Cuyuna Lakes Ice Fishing Contest and Scorpion Homecoming. Several hundred participants enjoyed surprisingly warm temperatures and a strong showing of this year’s feature machine, the Gleaming Midnight Sun Magenta Stingerette and Super Stingerettes of 1972-1974. Seventeen of these beautiful and rare machines, the industry’s first-ever snowmobile designed, built and marketed exclusively to women, were on display.

And a heart-felt thank you to all the volunteers who helped make this another successful event, including: Cuyuna Lakes Chamber of Commerce, Sno-Serpents Snowmobile Club, Miss Crosby-Ironton Scholarship Pageant, Antique Snowmobile Society, and numerous family and friends.

Photos and additional details available at: https://www.facebook.com/scorpionsnowmobiles/

Profits benefit the on-going efforts of the Cuyuna Lakes Chamber of Commerce.

At the 3:00 PM on-ice ceremony, the following awards were presented:


Scorpion Traveler: Tim Smith, Westphalia, MI (881 miles)

Chamber's Choice: Ryan Alfheim, Tigerton WI, 1973 Super Stingerette

C-I Royalty Award: David Ice, Isle MN, 1970 Stinger

Sno-Serpents Award: Scott Vouk, St. Stephen MN, 1970 Stinger

Trail-A-Sled Era – Original – Runner-Up: Ryan Hopkes, Zimmerman MN, 1968 Mark II

Trail-A-Sled Era – Original – First Place: Jay Stanger, St. Cloud MN, 1966 Trail-A-Sled

Trail-A-Sled Era – Restored – Runner-Up: Scott Vouk, St. Stephen, 1970 Stinger

Trail-A-Sled Era – Restored – First Place: Mark Schraut, Royalton MN, 1970 Stinger

Scorpion Era – Original – Runner-Up: Tami Van Heukelom, Albany MN, 1979 Sting

Scorpion Era – Original – First Place: Nies Ranch, Aitkin MN, 1975 Brut 340

Scorpion Era – Restored – Runner-Up: Meredith Frauendiest, Gaylord MN, 1975 Whip

Scorpion Era – Restored – First Place: Luke Danelski, Sturgeon Lake MN, 1977 Lil’ Whip

Scorpion Custom – Runner Up: David Ice, Isle MN, 1970 Stinger

Scorpion Custom – First Place: Les Pinz, Isle MN, 1978 RD4


Honorable Mention I – Blaine Kotasek, Minot ND, 1973 Super Stingerette

Honorable Mention II – Kim Winkles, Richmond WI, 1974 Super Stingerette

Honorable Mention III – Sandra Schutz, St. Cloud MN, 1973 Stingerette

Honorable Mention IV – Theresa Lashyro, Crosby MN, 1973 Super Stingerette

Honorable Mention V – Ryan Alfheim, Tigerton WI, 1973 Super Stingerette

3rd Place – Lynn Gunderson, St. Cloud MN, 1973 Super Stingerette

2nd Place – Jamie Sletten, Lakeville MN, 1973 Stingerette

1st Place – Meredith Frauendiest, Gaylord MN, 1972 Stingerette

2019 - Feb - Award Winners

PRESENTING our Cuyuna Lakes Ice Fishing Contest & Scorpion Homecoming (2019) award winners! -- Left to Right: Les Pinz, Blaine Kotasek, Scott Vouk, Kim Winkles, Sandra Schutz, Nies Ranch, Lynn Gunderson, Nies Brothers, David Ice, Mark Schraut, Luke Danelski, Meredith Frauendiest, Jamie Sletten, Ryan Hopkes, Ryan Alfheim, Tim Smith, Austin Smith, Tami Van Heukelom, and Jay Stanger.

2019 - Jan - Radio Promo

RADIO PROMO - Central Minnesota ice fishing and Scorpion fans, listen-in Wednesday morning, January 23, 2019 for a recap of the upcoming Cuyuna Lakes Ice Fishing Contest & Scorpion Homecoming (2019). Interviews with event organizers Jessica Vukelich and Randy Harrison will be conducted at 8:30 AM, KKIN Radio 94.3 FM, Aitkin, Minnesota - The Community Connection Program with Tom Martin!

2019 Jan - KARE 11 Cuyuna Country Feature

Loved the recent KARE 11 Sunrise feature highlighting the many exciting winter-time activities available right now in the Cuyuna Country State Recreation Area. Included in the segment is a gorgeous, locally manufactured 1971 Scorpion Mark II snowmobile (thank you Butch Holmvig). With the iconic fiberglass tear-drop hood (designed by Eugene “Stub” Harrison, who together with Glen Gutzman and Dick Harrison founded the snowmobile company in 1959) the 1971 is very popular among vintage snowmobile collectors. Shout-out to KARE11’s Kris Laudien, Jessica Vukelich, Jenny Smith (Cycle Path and Paddle, Crosby, Minnesota), Cuyuna Lakes Mountain Bike Trails, Joel Hartman, Brenda Backberg Booth Klippenes (Crosby-Ironton Courier) and everyone else who helped put the story together - the mountain biking, snowshoeing and overall landscape was stunning, as usual. For more behind the scenes information and a nice shout-out to the soon-approaching Cuyuna Lakes Ice Fishing Contest & Scorpion Homecoming (2019), check-out the linked article and video: https://www.kare11.com/article/travel/winter-wonder/explore-the-winter-wonder-of-cuyuna-country-state-recreation-area/89-70f9b0e7-4d7b-4940-80cc-e66547505001.

2019 Jan - Scorpion Trivia - Crosby Bar and Scorpion Hood

SCORPION TRIVIA -- At The Crosby Bar and Grill in Crosby, Minnesota you will find a fascinating display of Scorpion memorabilia, including an iconic tear-drop 1969 Scorpion hood (distinct from 1970 hoods which featured white-bordered rally stripes). Completely homegrown and designed by Crosby native Eugene “Stub” Harrison, the fiberglass tear-drop hood defined the distinctive Scorpion look for several years (1968 to 1971). #scorpionsnowmobiles

2019 Jan - Button Announcement

COMMEMORATING the innovative Scorpion Stingerette, the design of your official Cuyuna Lakes Ice Fishing Contest & Scorpion Homecoming (2019) button is now released! Still just $4 and available only at the on-ice warming tent on February 2, 2019. Support the event and remember the Stingerette by picking-up one, or several! #cuyunalakes #scorpionsnowmobiles #scorpionhomecoming